10th District President
Rita Mayrant
9th District President
Laura Bondurant
8th District President
Emma Peoples
12th District President
Donna Blaurock
11th District President
Debbie Capps-Bucy
4th Dist President
Sandy Yakkel
5th District President
Terry Fischer
6th District President
7th District President
3rd District President
Lora Shanahan
2nd District President
Alice Richard
1st District President
Past Presidents Parley- Phyllis Christofferson,
Poppy Chairman- Department Secretary,
Poppy Manufacturing Chairman- Sharon Schooley,
Presidents Project- Chris Larson
Presidents Scrapbook- Karleen Salsberry
Public Relations Chairman- Joy Miller,

Resolutions Chairman- Janet Easley,

Veterans Affairs/Rehabilitation- Lorna Deckert,

Ways and Means- Jill Graves,

Transitional Housing
Cord (Walla Walla)- Dianna Garrison,
Santos Place (Seattle)- Vacant
Yakima- Joan Stai,
Spokane- Laura Bondurant,

VA Hospital Representatives
American Lake- Frankie Dube,
Seattle- Vacant
Spokane- Eleanor Chitwood,
Vancouver- Jo Ann Strickland,
Walla Walla- Sharon Stewart,

State Veterans Homes
Orting Chairman- Betty Cummings
Retsil Chairman- Pat McCauley
Spokane Chairman- Eleanor Chitwood,

Gift Shop Representatives
American Lake- Karen Grundler,
Orting- Melodie Foster,
Retsil- Pat McCauley
Spokane- Virginia Oglesbee,
Vancouver- Anita Stadey,
Walla Walla- Emma Peoples
ABC's Chairman- Eva Wallace,
Americanism Chairman- Terry Fischer,
Audit Committee Chairman- Midge Tallman,
Auxiliary Emergency Fund- Vacant

Children and Youth Chairman- Barb Cramer,
Lakeland Village Chairman- Helen Boots
Fircrest Chairman- Rachel Dickerson
Madigan Chairman- Rachel Smith,

Community Service- Carolyn Wiley-Frasier,
Constitution and Bylaws Dept- Barbara Rutherford,
Constitution and Bylaws Unit- Anna Neer,
Convention Commission Liaison - Nicole Ross,
Convention Chairman- Vacant

Distinguished Guest- Emma Peoples

Education Chairman- Laura Bondurant,
Evergreen Girls State- Andrea Dobson,
Evergreen News Editor- Deana Sperry,

Finance Chairman- Phyllis Christofferson,
Finance Committee Member - Lorna Ledoschuk,
Finance Committee Member - Terri Campbell,

Junior Activities- Jody Fox,

Legislative Chairman- Jane Montaney,

Membership Chairman- Lora Shanahan,
Unit Development & Revitalization- Janet Sperry,

Music Chairman- Lucille Harwood,

National Candidates Fund - Emma Peoples

National Security- Hanny Elston,
USO at Seattle and McChord- Hanny Elston,
Fort Lewis Fisher House- Alice Richard,
Seattle Fisher House- Alice Richard,
Warrior Transitional Battalion- Hanny Elston,
NEC Woman
Department President
1st Vice President
Alt NEC Woman
Department Secretary/Treasurer
2nd Vice President